U.S. Team Preparing to Minister in Kenya

One of GBHT’s important ministry functions is conducting Vacation Bible School for children in the community during school breaks. Schools in Nairobi take two-week breaks periodically, and during those two weeks many of the children GBHT serves do not have adequate access to food. Children are most vulnerable to the temptation to run to the streets during these school breaks. GBHT addresses this vulnerability by conducting Vacation Bible School sessions during these breaks. The program has outgrown the capacity of the Hope Center, and GBHT now rents a church building, located within walking distance of the community, to conduct these Vacation Bible School events.

GBHT serves around 300 children, from preschool age through high school, during each of these Vacation Bible School events. The VBS programming includes an opening worship session, a Bible lesson, crafts, and field games and sports. Each day’s programming ends around 1:00 pm, when the children are fed and released to return home.

On August 17, 2023, the first team of GBHT volunteers from the United States will leave to serve at a VBS! The team gathered this past Saturday for its second planning session, as shown in the above (rather informal) photo. The team will assist and support the local team of GBHT staff and volunteers in conducting the next Vacation Bible School. This team is excited for this chance to serve, but also in awe about the opportunity for ministry that this trip will provide.

Working in conjunction with GBHT Directors Sonny and Katie, the team has identified a list of supplies that need to be purchased for this VBS opportunity. Each of the U.S. volunteers are paying for his or her travel, hotel, and food costs for this trip. However, the purchase of VBS supplies would be a perfect opportunity for others to invest in and become part of this ministry opportunity. The following supplies need to be purchased for this VBS:

  • Scissors x 100 @ $1 each = $100
  • Crayons x 100 @ $1 per box = $100
  • Markers x 50 @ $2 per package = $100
  • Clear Tape x 100 @ 20 cents each = $20
  • Paper Clips x 25 @ 40 cents per box = $10
  • Hole Punch x 20 @ $2.40 each = $48
  • Stapler x 20 @ $3 each = $60
  • Glue Sticks x 200 @ 90 cents each = $180
  • Total Funds Needed for Supplies: $618

To contribute to be part of this VBS, click here (or at the top of this page) to go to GBHT’s donation page. Then click on the “Give” icon, scroll down to select “VBS” for your gift designation, and select the amount you wish to donate. (As always, your donation is tax deductible!) Many of these items will be purchased in Nairobi, so we are unable to accept donations of the actual items. Many of these items will be reusable for future VBS programming, so you will be making a lasting investment in GBHT programming!

If you are unable to give financially to this endeavor, please join in prayer for this team as they prepare and then as they travel, and also for the GBHT staff and volunteers who are also preparing “on the ground” in Kenya. The team desires to be an encouraging support for their Christian brothers and sisters in Kenya this kingdom work – serving “the least of these.” We will be excited to share with you about this team’s work upon their return from Nairobi.

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