When We Give Together

We Give Back Hope

We will be hosting the children for 3 weeks total. We are so excited to gather all the kids back together during the school break for Bible stories, crafts, and games! We are expecting around 600 children and need your help! Will you help us reach our goal of $5000 so that we can feed every child and provide all of the resources need to make it a successful VBS?


Partnering To Build A World Where Every Child's Future is Full of Hope

In Kenya, we are a Community Based Organization (CBO), holding a registration certificate from the government of Kenya. We operate our CBO in Kenya through our Directors and local staff. Our Directors in Kenya regularly provide financial reports to our board of directors in the United States.

In the United States, we are an Indiana nonprofit corporation that is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. This means that your donations are all tax deductible. In the United States, we are managed by a board of directors whose members live in multiple states.

In compliance with the IRS requirements for our tax-exempt status in the United States, at least one member of our board biannually performs an onsite audit of the finances of Giving Back Hope Together – Kenya. We have no paid staff in the United States. Aside from paying for the small amount of vendor expenses incurred in the United States, all donations made to Giving Back Hope Together are sent to Kenya for their intended purposes.

Do you have a question about how we are structured or operate? Don’t hesitate to ask!

What We Do


-We Find & Fund

We raise money from donors located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Kenya. 


-We Reconnect

Thousands of children in Kenya live on the streets because their families cannot afford to feed them.


-We Educate

We educate and tutor children who need it. 


-We Provide Care

We provide Bible study and ministry services every week.

From our Founder

“Because I was given hope by a faithful follower of Christ, I want to now give hope to those who are in the same position that I was in.”

Give back hope with us

Make a tax-deductible donation through our secure platform and help us make a difference!