What We Do

Child Sponsorship

Sponsor a Child's Education

Part of our mission includes sponsoring street children who have been reunited with their families or whose families do not have resources to pay for schooling. Your sponsorship will pay for school fees, books, a uniform, and a food bag once a month for the child’s family.

The monthly sponsorship fee for a child in Kenya is:

  • Primary School: $40
  • High School: $60

Primary School Students

Help send a student to school with a donation for their books, supplies, uniforms, and school fees. Primary school students are children in kindergarten through 7th grade.

High School Students

Help send a student to school with a donation for their books, supplies, uniforms, and school fees. High school students are children in 8th grade through 12th grade.

Our Commitment

100% of your sponsorship payments are transferred to Kenya for the direct benefit of your sponsored child. Without our intervention with your help, many of these children will end up on the streets.

Children selected for sponsorship go through a screening process conducted by our staff in Kenya. To qualify for sponsorship, we make certain the selected child has a stable enough family environment that he or she is likely to complete his or her education if sponsored. The children selected for sponsorship either live in a rural area of Kenya or in a slum community in Nairobi. In either case, the sponsored child’s family is living in abject poverty and does not have adequate resources to provide the child with a quality education. Without your sponsorship, the chances are high that the child will not receive a good education.

In Kenya, the lowest level of publicly provided education (which still requires payment of a fee) is significantly understaffed. It is common for children to experience a 1:100 teacher/student ratio. Only a small percentage make it through that school system and succeed. Most children get left behind and the drop-out rate is high.

Through your financial commitment, we will make certain that your sponsored child receives a quality education at a good school, and ultimately graduates from high school. We monitor all of our sponsored children on a regular basis to encourage their success, and you will be provided with periodic reports of your sponsored child’s progress. Please consider helping us change the world one life at a time by helping a child succeed in leaving poverty behind.