What we do

What We Do


-We Find & Fund

We raise money from donors located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Kenya. We use this money to operate our Center, operate our feeding program, and sponsor children and their families.  We use these donated resources to meet the spiritual,  mental and physical needs of children and their families.


-We Reconnect

Thousands of children in Kenya  live on the streets because their families cannot afford to feed them or because the family unit is not healthy.  We feed and minister to these children, with the hope that we can reconnect them to their families.  


-We Educate

We educate and tutor children who need it. We obtain sponsors for children to pay for their schooling, books, and uniforms. We collect books, laptops, and supplies and distribute these to  children throughout the year. 


-We Provide Care

We provide Bible study and ministry services every week. Faith is a powerful source of hope, and can assist the children we serve with the personal strength they need to stay in school and set goals. We also provide mentoring to meet the needs of children living on the edge of survival.

Our Mission in Action

In Kenya, the lowest level of publicly provided education (which still requires payment of a fee) is significantly understaffed. It is common for children to experience a 1:100 teacher/student ratio. Only a small percentage make it through that school system and succeed. Most children get left behind and the drop-out rate is high.

In Kenya there are no social safety nets. It is estimated that there are 50,000 to 60,000 children living homeless on the streets of Nairobi at any given time. Giving Back Hope Together engages regularly with a particular group of children living on the streets. The feeding program consists of providing the entire group with a hot meal, introducing them to Jesus and the promises of hope he provides, and occasionally providing new clothing and shoes.

Children in the community are most at risk of running to the streets or otherwise acting at risk to themselves during public school breaks. During those breaks, we conduct Vacation Bible Schools at the Hope Center for the children. We currently are registering more than 300 children for each VBS. Your contributions to Giving Back Hope Together helps pay for staffing, curriculum and supplies, and food for one meal a day for these kids.