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In Kenya there are no social safety nets. It is estimated that there are 50,000 to 60,000 children living homeless on the streets of Nairobi at any given time. Most are not orphans: they are simply displaced from their families for various reasons. These children live in groups of gangs. Most live at a “base”, which can be a location under an overpass, or simply a carved-out space at the end of a street. Abuse and addiction are common. Many offer their bodies for food or money, and girls are particularly at risk. Rarely do they eat a healthy, hot meal. Clothing is ragged, shoes are torn, and needed medical care is not accessible.

Sonny has been particularly passionate about ministering to these lost children, because, at one time, he, too, was a street kid. After he was reunited with his family, Sonny was committed to help rescue others. For several years before forming this organization, Sonny paid for a hot meal for a group of these kids whenever he could afford it out of his own employment earnings.

With more resources now devoted to these children, Giving Back Hope Together engages regularly with a particular group of children living on the streets. The feeding program consists of providing the entire group with a hot meal, introducing them to Jesus and the promises of hope he provides, and occasionally providing new clothing and shoes. Relationships have been established with this group, which has allowed Sonny to identify children who want to return home but are afraid to do so on their own. Sonny works as a mediator to help these children reintegrate with their families.

Your contributions to the feeding program will help meet the most basic of needs of these at-risk children.

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