Three Teams Merging for a Mission

The next GBHT school-break Vacation Bible School begins on August 21, 2023. This will be the first VBS conducted by GBHT that will include a team of volunteers traveling from the United States. GBHT’s philosophy for short term mission teams is not for GBHT to merely serve as host while a team from abroad conducts programming in Nairobi. Instead, GBHT’s goal is to integrate the travelers into a larger team that will include local GBHT staff members and a local group of volunteers. This blending is intended to provide a more missional-immersive experience for the travelers, while allowing the travelers to serve as encouragers and energizers for the local groups of regular contributors. Hopefully, the visual of this cross-culturally integrated team serving in unity will also provide powerful reinforcement, for the children and young people being served, of the borderless, all-inclusive nature of the kingdom of God.

These are the volunteers who will be serving and ministering to around 300 children for this upcoming VBS:

Local GBHT Staff:

  • George
  • Lydia
  • Mary
  • Katie
  • Sonny

Local Volunteers:

  • Moses
  • Stella
  • Mercy
  • Linet
  • Facila
  • Mary
  • Redemptor
  • Caroline

From the United States:

  • Anita
  • Deborah
  • Pam
  • Tony
  • Jayme
  • Kevin

Would you be willing to remember these team members in your prayers over the next three weeks? A significant amount of planning has been taking place both in the United States and in Kenya for this ministry endeavor. It is GBHT’s prayer that this VBS will be a key turning point in the development of hope for a brighter future in the lives of the children and young people served – a hope grounded in the reality that, through Christ and with his help, a brighter, hopeful, and peaceful future is in fact possible.

Are you interested in exploring the opportunity of joining a future GBHT volunteer team? Reach out to us here – we would love to chat with you about the opportunity!


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Kevin Harvey

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