Reflections on Serving with GBHT in Nairobi

By Tony and Pam Armor


(The Armors were part of the first GBHT-sponsored team from the United States to serve alongside GBHT staff and volunteers for a Vacation Bible School in the Kibagare settlement and to participate in GBHT’s street ministry. The trip took place in August, 2023. These are their reflections on their time serving in Nairobi).


When we arrived in the Kibagare settlement, we didn’t know what to expect.  We were greeted with dozens of curious, smiling faces, hugs, and hands to hold.  Throughout the week, we fell in love with these children.  Their joy was contagious, and we had the most amazing week seeing how bright and attentive they are, eager to praise Jesus. The hard part was seeing how little food, clothing, adequate shelter, education and medical care was available. We could’ve let the many needs overwhelm us.

However, we were incredibly encouraged to see the effective work happening.  GBHT’s staff and volunteers, through daily faith and trust in Christ, are finding ways to meet many of those needs head on. We witnessed God stretching the available food to feed 410 kids on the first day, and stretch the craft supplies for the week. God provided unexpected funds (through generous responses to a last minute outreach on social media) used to purchase extra food for the rest of the week, and additional volunteers stepped forward to prepare it! We didn’t have much to offer, but even our tiniest obedience (being available & willing to serve) was used by God to answer needs and provide exactly what was needed. He keeps His promises and never leaves us.

Each morning, our team met for devotions and prayer.  The theme for the week was the Great Commission and being part of a just cause.  One day we discussed how a just cause is idealistic, inspiring, bold, and ultimately unachievable.  That can feel daunting and counter-intuitive to our western culture of setting goals and checking off accomplishments. But when carrying out the mission of Christ, we are part of something much bigger and it is never fully accomplished.  There is always more to do and Christ will be with us along the way. We had to learn to pray in a new way: “Lord, give us YOUR vision of serving and loving others.”

We learned so much, and are still learning as we process our experience in Nairobi.  We are really grateful to have had the privilege of witnessing first-hand the work being done by GBHT, and look forward to seeing what God will continue to do through this ministry.  We can’t wait to return!


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Kevin Harvey

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