Meet Lydia – GBHT’s First Full-Time Teacher at the Hope Center!

    Lydia Anyango 


We are pleased to introduce you to Lydia Anyango, who is GBHT’s first full-time teacher at the Hope Center! With the growth of GBHT’s tutoring and mentoring programs, having a full-time presence at the Hope Center had become a significant need. GBHT is blessed that it’s funding has increased to a level that it can now support a full-time employee at the Hope Center.

Lydia, who is a mother of three, is in her 8th year as a teacher. Lydia says that watching her students make progress in learning, interacting with children from different backgrounds, and knowing she is making a positive impact on the lives of her students are the things that bring her joy in teaching. Lydia is inspired to establish strong bonds with her students, and “giving them hope” while they are in her care. She hopes that the children she serves can achieve their dreams, break the “chain of poverty”, and become inspired to grow spiritually.

         Lydia hard at work at         the Hope Center.       


We asked Lydia, “What surprised you the most that you could do in this job that you didn’t know you could do?” Lydia answered that the mentoring aspect of her role has been the biggest surprise for her. She reports that, before stepping into this role, she didn’t realize how effective she could be just giving a “listening ear” and giving “the hopeless a shoulder to cry on.” Lydia now loves her mentoring role — especially her involvement with teenage girls, both at the Hope Center and those who live on the streets. Lydia has been surprised that “most of them just need a girl talk”, which becomes enough attention to help them make wise decisions and resist peer pressure.

Your financial support of GBHT is a key factor in GBHT’s ability to keep a full-time staff member at the Hope Center. As funding increases, more staff will be added to help meet the ever-increasing opportunities for ministry that GBHT is encountering. Thank you for your continued support!

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