GBHT Celebrates One Year of Ministry at the Kibagare Hope Center

For several years, GBHT Founder and Director Sonny Ouma had a vision of a neighborhood building that could serve as a safe space for children. Ministering to children living on the streets convinced Sonny that prevention is the key to solving the crisis of child homelessness in Nairobi. In 2021, GBHT secured a land donation from Sonny’s parents, and financial contributions from the United States provided enough funds to construct GBHT’s first neighborhood ministry location: the Kibagare Hope Center.

“I love being able to provide a safe space for children to find instead of them running to the streets,” Sonny shared as he reflected on the open-door approach that the Hope Center provides to the community. “Even providing a building with electricity so they have lights to complete their homework in the evening is a great blessing. “It’s also been amazing to see our staff and their dedication to serve the children while serving God.”

On Saturday, April 1, 2023, around 200 children from the community and all of GBHT’s staff gathered at Hope Center to celebrate completion of the first year of outreach from the Hope Center. The celebration included singing, presentations from several students, lunch for the students, and games. The event was also attended by Ron Hulet, a GBHT board member from the U.S. (who also serves as GBHT’s treasurer), who was in Kenya at the time with another mission team. Ron shares that “it was an incredible blessing to see the high number of kids, the excitement in the community, the goodness of God, the incredible need and the awesome potential that GBHT has with its facilities there.”

GBHT’s Director of Child Sponsorship, Katie Ouma, shared that “this past year has been full of God’s faithfulness and goodness. Anytime we felt that we didn’t have enough resources for the children we were serving, God provided exactly what was needed. Every single time, without fail.” Sonny added, “This past year has taught me to say ‘yes’ to what God is calling me to do and to not fight it. “We need always trust in Him because He has always provided. “He gives us strength even when we’re tired. ”

The ministry of GBHT continues to expand as its financial support continues to grow. If you would like to learn more about GBHT and how you can become involved in supporting GBHT’s general ministry or to sponsor a child, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Kevin Harvey

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