Child Sponsorship: Meet Belinda!

A child sponsorship profile from our staff in Kenya: Meet Belinda!


Belinda and her father recently escaped violence and unrest in their rural Kenya home and came to Nairobi. They left behind her mother and other siblings. Upon arriving, they settled in the community where GBHT is working.  Belinda’s father has been unable to send her to school because of a lack of funds. He has begun working casual jobs, when he gets the opportunity, to try to provide for them both.
Someone in the community referred Belinda’s father to the Hope Center as a possible place for her. Belinda does not speak any Swahili and would struggle in school without knowing it. Instead of Belinda sitting at home, we told her dad to bring her to the Center every day. Our after-school program teacher has been working with Belinda during the day, teaching her Swahili. Belinda has improved so much in her Swahili since beginning lessons! We now feel she is ready for school, but her father cannot afford the fees.
We currently have over 40 children on our waiting list to be sponsored so that they can attend school. Belinda is one of the 40. We will highlight their stories over the next few weeks so that you can get to know them better!
Would you be interested in sponsoring Belinda so that she may attend school? Please reach out so that we can get you signed up! More information about child sponsorship can be found here.

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