Beyond Blessed! But in Need of Sponsors

by Katie Ouma


Beyond blessed! That is what my answer is if you were to ask, “How do you feel after two weeks of VBS?” Every day for two weeks in April, 2023, we served anywhere from 250-300 children. It was exciting, chaos, fun, overwhelming, and the absolute best time. 

One day we were out on the field for games and after one of the races, a girl (B) passed out. Thankfully her mom wasn’t too far away and came over to help. B woke up and felt weak but was okay. Her mom said that it has happened before when she gets too hot. We talked with the mom more about their home life. We discovered she is a single parent with two kids. B is currently not going to school because her mom is struggling to find work and not able to pay school fees. We told B that she can at least come to the resource center during the day to read books and go through some of the curriculum with our after-school teacher, Lydia. 

B is now on our wait-list for sponsorship, along with 36 other children. Most of the children, like B, are not in school because their parent(s) cannot afford school fees. When they are able to get sponsored, not only are their school fees covered, but the family also receives a food bag once a month.  If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please check out our website for more information! 

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Kevin Harvey

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